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Think Smart, Think Girard!

The SmartVent™ valve from Girard Equipment Inc, USA is one seriously "Smart" relief valve. It's low profile design keeps it out of harm's way when handling / stacking but it also protects your tank by relieving ample excess pressure and vacuum whilst keeping it sealed under normal conditions, as per the regulations set out in UN31A etc. This valve, paired with our fusible cap ensures your tank meets the transport codes such as ADR and IMDG etc, whilst maintaining full 24/7 operational safety.

Recently updated to our generation 2 model, the valve is even Smarter than ever. In addition to its stainless steel construction and low profile design, new features include:

  • Improved 'certified' flow rates.

  • 316 stainless steel springs as standard.

  • Wider range of pressure and vacuum settings to tailor them to your tank designs (typically 2 to 10 Psi).

  • Enhanced sealing characteristics whilst still utilising encapsulated seals (pH0-14 chemical compatibility).

  • Reduced product trap areas to assist cleaning and lessen possible corrosion prone areas.

Typical applications include stainless steel IBC vessels, tote tanks and transportable bunded fuel tanks amongst others - use your imagination!

Now available WORLDWIDE and used successfully in every continent, it really is an asset to any fleet.

For more information about how YOU can get SMART with this valve, please contact TankPart Limited UK ( or Girard Equipment Inc. (

Girard Equipment SmartVent IBC pressure vacuum relief valve, stainless steel.



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