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ISO Corner Castings

If you need corner castings, you're in the right place! TankPart Limited now supply these within our range of standard products.

All corner castings are manufactured in accordance with ISO1161:2016 and suitable for -40 Degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit as standard.

Also on offer are the oversize castings to suit extra wide containers and swap body isotanks.

So if you manufacture or repair any ISO mounted tanks, freight containers, baskets or skids we can help. All four corners are covered: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right so just let us know which you need.

For more information or prices, please contact our sales team on:

Tel: 01282 932 052 (international: 0044 1282 932 052)

The standard castings are steel but we can also offer stainless steel and aluminium for those who need them.

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