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Safer Hose "Handle"-ing

Whilst in a facility recently we witnessed an operator drag a loading hose across the yard. Not only did having to grip the two small lugs on the swivel look particularly difficult, but a heightened risk of injury exists from a health and safety perspective due to the awkward body positioning of the operator pulling a relatively heavy item.

The manual handling of hoses, we know, can be particularly difficult. Anything to ease this is always welcomed by any operator. By introducing our new hose plug handle, the manual handling of hoses becomes far easier and easily lessens the risk of injury.

Not only this, the oversized flange on these devices protects the hose swivel from damage when dropped or dragged and they act as a hose plug too.

Manufactured from polypropylene, these handles offer maximum protection, durability and robustness, whilst still being chemically inert.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team,

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Hose Plug Handle

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