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Aluminium Walkway TankPart Limited

TankPart Limited is able to supply walkways for a variety of applications. Regardless of whether you're manufacturing new, modifying existing, or repairing aging equipment we can supply gratings to suit your exact requirements.

The standard walkway planks we supply are the perforated Q grate type which are a diamond pattern design. These walkways are robust whilst offering a high degree of slip resistance, more specifically R11 according to DIN 51130.

Available in widths between 120mm - 480mm and depths between 40mm - 150mm these planks are manufactured to suit your exact project specification. Our walkways, unlike others, are also supplied in FULL 6 METRE LENGTHS so there's no need to have to join them.

Standard material is 2.5mm AIMg3G22 self coloured aluminium but other thicknesses and materials are available, such as galvanised steel and stainless steel for corrosive applications where spills are possible.

TankPart Limited is now also able to offer prefabricated walkways on a made-to-measure basis. This is perfect for those wanting to reduce waste, fabrication time or mistakes through human error. So regardless whether you're profiling them around a spill box, manway or piecing gaps between long runs, you can simply now just bolt them directly into position. Just send us your measurements and we'll do the rest!

Other perforated walkway types and patterns can also be supplied. These include GRP material, ladder rungs and installation fixings such as the countersunk olives.

For further information or assistance with these products, please contact our sales team on:

Tel: 01282 932 052


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