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Safer Access to ISO Tank Containers

UN portable tanks, also known as ISO tank containers, have the ability to travel almost anywhere. Whilst this is often practical compared to other types of transportable tanks, it can also create potential problems to operators including safety hazards.

To help improve safety when top access is needed, TankPart Limited can now provide folding handrail kits to aid safer tank access. Designed with the ability to lock in the upright position during operation, then safely stow them within ISO and lock the handrails during transport, these dramatically improve personnel high level access security.

Manufactured in stainless steel for long term durability and pre-fabricated for ease of installation, these handrails can be easily installed on almost any ISO tank container. Left and right handed variants are available depending on their intended use and tank walkway configurations. It is also compliant with the ITCO guidance for working on top of a tank container.

Gantry access, where and when available, would always be the preferred and recommended way to access the high level tank top safely, however a gantry may not always be immediately available on site.

Please remember that prior to ANY high level access, a risk assessment should be determined and the appropriate safety measures that are required be put into place beforehand.

For further information about our handrail kits please contact our sales team:

Tel: 0044 1282 932 052



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