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TankPart Limited: We Stock Stainless Steel Manways, Manlids and Hatches!

Need to fabricate a lid into your tank? Got a customer who needs a manway fast? Let down by your supplier? Maybe you're just impatient and simply don't want to wait?

Don't worry, TankPart can help.

We stock manlid assemblies in the UK ready and waiting for your next project. 316 stainless steel contact parts, certified materials of construction and a safety bolt to ensure the lid cannot be opened under pressure; ALL supplied as standard.

If we don't stock what you need, there's plenty more where they came from! We offer short turnarounds and expedited deliveries when required.

300mm, 460mm, 500mm and 600mm diameters are most common but we can cater for your needs when required. Contact us for assistance.

So if you need help sourcing quality products at short notice, or want to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us:

More product information here: MANWAYS


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