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Manways & Gaskets

Here's just a few projects we've worked on recently to supply manways and gaskets. Included in the pictures are manways fabricated into carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tank shells, tank dished ends and pallet loads of manway seals.

The products we supplied include manways for both atmospheric and pressurised tank designs including waste, potable water and chemical tankers.

Over the last quarter we've supplied many manway assemblies and over 1000 manway gaskets including a PTFE encapsulated EPDM general purpose seal suitable for almost any cargo. In fact, unlike many suppliers, they're even FDA approved so safe to use on food / beverage too.

Whilst the majority of our work goes into the bulk liquid transport industries we do supply manways for process vessels too. Other projects we have undertaken include pharmaceutical process vessels, food / beverage production tanks and even a manlid access port for a steam boiler feedwater tank.

The 300mm and 500mm standard manways are a double skin design and naturally insulated. This particular design of lid provides the end user with minimal heat losses and guaranteed efficiency. Pair the lid with our latest safety bolt design too and you can ensure that any operators of the hatches are protected if they attempt to open a lid under pressure.

Our standard products include 300mm, 460mm, 500mm and 600mm but we can offer other types and sizes too. To find out more, please contact TankPart Limited:

So if you're working on your next tank project and needing manways, please let us know.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

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