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CIMC Tank Distributorship - Genuine OEM Spares

*** Now available: Genuine OEM CIMC Tank spares ***

CIMC Tank (CIMC Safeway Technologies Co., LTD) is the world's leading manufacturer of UN Portable ISO tank containers producing over 50% of the world's new build ISO tank container output.

There's no doubt that if you see or handle ISO tank containers you've probably seen the CIMC Tank brand and the superior quality of their product.

Now appointed as an authorised distributor, TankPart Limited can support you with the supply of genuine OEM CIMC Tank spare parts, directly to your door.

If you are a repair depot, tank operator, or leasing company we are here to help you.

Whatever you need, just let us know.

Typical products include:

  • Corner castings

  • Decals & data plates

  • Document tubes

  • Corner post and frame steel

  • Folding handrails

  • Gauges

  • GRP cladding, banding and formed domes

  • Walkway grating and catwalk

  • Anything else, just ask

Contact our sales team for further assistance:


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