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Girard Equipment Inc. Orange Duraseal, for Maximum Performance.

Seals and gaskets may not be the highest priority for some but they are a critical part of industry when handling bulk liquids, gases and other products safely. We often find people cutting costs and trying to make savings by sourcing cheaper products. Unfortunately, cost reductions on seals and gaskets often mean their performance and materials of construction falter leading to failure in service, higher operating costs and inevitably more risk to the operator / general public.

Simple products such as our orange Duraseal help maximise performance whilst reducing overall operating costs and downtime but still maintain continuous high safety.

Some of the benefits of this gasket include:

  • Chemically inert materials of construction, pH 0-14.

  • Fewer failures in service mean less leaks and downtime.

  • Can be reused with a gasket life expectancy up to 20x greater than other similar products leading to overall savings!

  • Will not degenerate from the environment or under normal operating conditions as seen with compressed fibres and elastomers.

  • Holds physical and mechanical properties even after prolonged use.

This gasket is typically used on screwed fittings such as our safety relief valves and blank caps / threaded adaptors. In fact, we even include this gasket as standard on our 2.5" Megaflo safety valve.

For further information or assistance with this product please contact TankPart Limited (UK) at: or Girard Equipment Inc (USA) at:

We look forward to speaking to you soon.



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