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Tanker Access - Manways

TankPart Limited stock and supply a wide range of stainless steel manways. These are used in a multitude of applications, mostly bulk liquid transportable tanks, but they're useful elsewhere too. Available in a range of sizes, manufactured with 316/316L stainless steel contact parts (304 non-contact) and supplied with FULL BS-EN10204 3.1 material certification to 1.4401 / 1.4404 (EN 10088-2-2014/EN 10028-7-2016 etc) - they really are a piece of engineering beauty.

In addition to the material standards our manways are also designed, compliant and / or approved to:

  • ASME Viii Div 1

  • EN14025

  • EN13445-3 (FEA)


  • CFR 49

  • Bureau Veritas type approved

  • Others upon request

The unique design of double-skin lid used on the 300mm and 500mm manlids ensures that heat loss is kept to bare minimum, one of the lowest in its class, even with hot products such as Bitumen and molten Sulphur. Not only this, but the design also ensures the lids' integrity and durability in service. We also have 460mm and 600mm diameter manways to give you a wide range of choice to suit your application, and 4, 6, 8 or 10 point fastenings depending on your requirements and pressure ratings.

Neckrings, also referred to as the collar, are most commonly straight or compensated for ADR/IMDG tanks. These can be manufactured in various lengths and even profiled/cut to suit the radius of your vessel, assisting with installation or reducing fabrication time. Choices include an ultra low profile design used on IMDG tank containers, 51mm/110mm/140mm deep pressed compensated for ADR road tankers or straight to suit other vessels, such as vacuum tankers and process vessels (chemicals, foods or pharmaceuticals).

Swingbolt options include stainless steel bolts with either naval brass handnuts, stainless steel extended, stainless steel with brass inserts to prevent galling or hexnut design to assist fastening with a wrench. We also supply a safety bolt which ensures the lid cannot be opened under pressure, as required to some local safety standards, protecting the operator from injury.

Not only do we supply the lid assemblies though, we also offer a range of seals and gaskets to match your application. Regardless of what you put in your tank, we can offer a seal to suit and ensure you that your product is contained securely and safely at all times.

What really differentiates our manways from the competition is the attention to detail. Superior quality finish, dye pen liquid penetration tests on ALL welds, material traceability and corresponding locking tabs on the neck/lid mean these manways are ready for service, immediately after fabrication.

To find out more, seek assistance in sourcing reliable gaskets or hear more about our NEW safety bolt design that requires NO adjustment, NO welding/tacking and continuous simple & reliable operation in service; contact TankPart Limited, Tel: 0044 1282 932 052 or e-mail:


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