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AirGuard™ Set & Go LED Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Save Fuel, Improve Safety, Reduce Blowouts

Self calibrating visual LED tyre pressure monitoring system. Simple tyre dust caps with integral flashing warning light should tyre pressures drop. 

Quick and easy to install: Watch the video below to learn more

Now available on our online store here: AirGuard™

Benefits Include:

  • Improved fuel economy​

  • Longer tyre life

  • Reduced risk of blowout

  • Self calibrating

  • Includes anti theft locking nut

  • Suitable for most vehicles

Typical Applications Include:

  • HGV's / Wagons / Trucks​ / Arctics​


  • Tankers / Trailers / Tractors

  • Cars / Motorbikes


  • Caravans / Motorhomes​

  • Coaches / Buses

  • Etc

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