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AIRTAB® Vortex Generator Tabs

Save Fuel, Reduce Drag, Improve Safety

This simple product will boost the dynamics of your vehicles to assist in a reduction of fuel consumption, lower your carbon footprint AND improve overall safety. 

Quick and easy to install with immediate benefits. Watch the video below to learn more

Now available on our online store here: AirTab®

Benefits Include:

  • Significant fuel savings, upto 5%, from reduced vehicle drag​

  • Spray suppression for better visibility for all road users

  • Improved safety from stability improvements. 

  • Reduced vehicle dirt build up


  • Low cost of installation

  • Payback of investment within months, not years.​

Typical Applications Include:

  • HGV's / Wagons / Trucks​ / Arctics​


  • Trailers


  • Tankers


  • Caravans / Motorhomes​

  • Coaches / Buses

  • Etc

AirTab Video
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