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Commonly asked questions and FAQs

*** If you cannot find the answer below, please contact us ***

Can ProPatch® be used outdoors?

Yes, ProPatch® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What colour is ProPatch®?

We stock ProPatch® in white and light grey as standard. Other colours are possible but may be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Is ProPatch® waterproof?

Yes, once installed ProPatch® is fully sealed and waterproof to provide maximum protection. 

Does the installation surface need to be flat?

No, ProPatch® is flexible and will install to both flat and curved surfaces but not sharp angles. ProPatch® will also bond onto rough surfaces. 

How is ProPatch® supplied?

For traceability ProPatch® is supplied in pre-cut pieces. This can be manufactured bespoke to your requirements or supplied in a standard size as follows:

100mm square (3.93")

200mm square (7.87")

300mm square (11.81")

300x600mm rectangular (11.81" x 23.62")

500x1000mm rectangular (19.68" x 39.37")

Is ProPatch® easy to install?

ProPatch® is very safe and easy to install with minimal tools and equipment. Simply follow the installation instructions. 

Does ProPatch® require surface treatment prior to installation?

Typically no, although every surface is different. Many surfaces will benefit from a light abrasive rub beforehand as it can increase the bonding surface area by up to 40%. In any situation the surface needs to fully clean and dry. 

If you're unsure about what surface preparation is needed please contact us for further assistance. 

Can ProPatch® be used on different materials and surfaces?

ProPatch® can be used upon many materials and surfaces including fibreglass, plastics, metal, paints, powder coating and glass. 

Is my ProPatch® of genuine manufacture?

Each ProPatch® manufactured has a chip embedded within it, close to the centre. Simply hover a compatible reader over the ProPatch®, such as a compatible mobile phone, to see more information about it. 

Can ProPatch® be programmed with different information?

Yes, ProPatch® can be used to provide information about your asset. Contact us do discuss in more detail. Here's a few examples: 

  • Text lines

  • Operating instructions

  • Asset management information

  • Videos and files

  • Website links, database links and contact information

Does ProPatch® need installing with mechanical fasteners?

No, ProPatch® requires no additional fasteners during installation. In fact, one of the main benefits of ProPatch® is that it eliminates the need for screws, bolts, rivets, welds and many other types of fasteners. 

Is ProPatch® a permanent repair or only temporary?

ProPatch® is a permanent repair that will continue to perform for many years. Whilst an exact timeframe is difficult to predict it will 

Can ProPatch® only be used on commercial vehicles?

Whilst ProPatch® was originally developed for commercial vehicle and transportable liquid tanks it is perfectly suitable for many other applications. 


Does ProPatch® have a shelf life?

Yes, if you plan to hold stocks of ProPatch® then we would recommend it be rotated and used within 24 months of its manufacture date. 

How should ProPatch® be stored?

Ideally ProPatch® should be stored in cool dry, conditions away from direct sunlight.

Where can ProPatch® not be used?

ProPatch® can be used for many applications and most environments. It is NOT recommended, for example, on continuous submerged applications such as boat hulls below the water surface. 

Where do I buy ProPatch®

ProPatch® is really simple to buy, simply contact us for further assistance.

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